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For anyone to has been keeping up with what is going on here at the University of Alabama, there has been an update from the President Judy Bonner and UA Chief of Police Chief Tim Summerlin. Two warrants have been issued and more are being sought. UAPD is working with state and federal partners, including the FBI to get more information about the original posts and to find the individual(s) who posted them. On top of that, a 20-year-old UA student has been arrested and charged with obstructing governmental operations after he/she sent out a message Monday night. From what I am assuming, they are talking about the text message “from Authur Pendragon” that some students got. However, the police do not believe that this student is connected with the initial threats that were in comments on a YouTube video. I wish something like this would have happened sooner (the email and video explaining what is going on) but it’s better late than never. Let’s just hope that the police will quickly catch the person(s) who wrote the original threat soon.

I don’t know if anyone saw my post from last night, but there is now a second message from “Arthur Pendragon” circling the Internet. 

"Chaos. Haha. When the day comes, it will not be chaos. Lives will leave earth in an orderly fashion. They shall feed on the tears of the weeping parents. Bryce Lawn has been a favorite of us for some time now. It shall be a reminder that the day of retribution is close. That is your only hint for now. We will contact university police and let them know that we are here and they should be vigilant. Chaos might have risen today and fallen, but nothing has started yet.” 

If the University of Alabama doesn’t start taking this seriously… The way they handled everything last night was not thorough enough for me or anyone on campus it seems. UA’s president JBo basically told us earlier that “there was no immediate threat toward our safety and that’s why we weren’t notified sooner.” So, what? The school is just going to wait for the person/people to be on campus with weapons or start gunning down students AND THEN you’ll inform us? I don’t think that’s the best way to go about this.


The Crimson White just posted THIS article “UAPD investigating second death threat” online.

Last night, around 11:30pm, the University of Alabama was on lock down due to rumors of armed gunmen on campus. According to what I read on Twitter and in articles I have read since then, UAPD established a perimeter around one of the dorms following the threat and did not allow students in or out until the search of that dorm was completed. Police also patrolled sidewalks telling sorority members to stay inside their houses. However, there was no gunmen found and everything appeared to be “normal.”

The threat was posted as a comment on a YouTube video (supposedly a video from last year’s March on the Schoolhouse Door) by “Authur Pendragon.” The comment said:

"Ladies and gentleman. The day of retribution is getting nearer and nearer. Do not be found wanting. I have seen minorities suffer at the hands of those who think they are superior. This is my first message and I shall not say much. Take this the way you want; as a threat or whatever. All I know is that it will be a day when all that look at minorities with discussed shall remember. After this day, you shall appreciate every minority who walks on that campus. Friday the 20th of September was Miss Sorority Row. My mercy kept all of you alive because it was not yet the day of retribution. Do you want to know how it feels having a TAR-21 passing right through your flesh. I’ll be watching all frat parties and monitoring all of your events. The day is near. Be vigilant."

I’m glad that everyone is safe and I hope it continues to stay that way. What a scary world we live in. Obviously no one knows what caused this person to say this stuff or threaten these things, but there are much better ways at getting your point across than to threaten a campus with the possibility of a school shooting. If you know me, you know that I can’t stand the Greek system here, this school in general, or the south… but I would never wish this kind of threat on anyone. It was extremely nerve-racking reading all of the tweets and trying to decide what was real and what wasn’t. I don’t know if I have ever felt so vulnerable. Luckily, the act wasn’t followed through and I can only hope it stays that way.

However, I’m extremely disappointed with UA’s slow reaction in notifying the students. I had to find out about all of this on Twitter. But when school gets cancelled due to a snow day, within .5 seconds of that decision being made, I’ll get a text, an email, and a phone call. And, we always get emails from UAPD about people being robbed or abducted (which turned out to be a false police report). But it took hours to hear about the threat of a school shooting from an official UA source. That sure doesn’t make me feel safe at all. I just hope that the school actually follows through with this investigation and finds out who send that message. 

What’s even worse is that people keep trying to down-play this or say that we are over reacting and that it was just a social media rumor. How many other school shootings started that way? Didn’t the VT shooting start with a letter that was originally thought to be fake? Just something to think about…

Again, I am so glad that everyone is safe and I hope nothing comes out of this threat.

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